Once again, I’ve had so many questions about the upcoming Tutorial, I wanted to take a moment and address them all in one place.

Since I started gently promoting the course, a number of themes have arisen in my daily conversations with Friends, clients, students. I can pretty much file them all under the heading – Who is this course aimed at, anyway?  A lot of people have said, oh I’d take it in a heartbeat if my dog had cancer.
Well, I sure hope you never have that need – but, I feel the information I’m offering goes well beyond that need.

I’d say initially,who this course is aimed at..it’s for  everyone who loves dogs and lives with a dog, has a dog with cancer or works with dogs professionally. It’s for trainers and behaviourists, vets and vet techs, people who work in retail, or rescue – your friends at the dog park and on your breed group on Facebook – it’s for the person facing a diagnosis and the person without cancer in their dog but aware of the statistics and hoping to prevent it.
That’s right – prevent.

Because a good portion of the tutorial will focus on prevention, insofar as diet, herbs, supplements, and avoidance of toxins can play a key role.

I do feel that if you have a dog with cancer, and are feeling at sea about what to do, you need a professional first and foremost – there are  many great holistic vets who can help you, but there are also those who are new to the field and unsure about dietary formulation – a professional such as myself,especially one who has training and experience in BOTH nutrition and herbs – can be absolutely key.  But before you have that diagnosis, what about diet? Do carbs really cause cancer? What about turmeric,should you be adding it all through the dogs life? There seem to be differing opinions on fish oils, on medicinal mushrooms, on starch, raw versus cooked, cbd oil – and while I have some fairly strong opinions on all of these and more, my role in the tutorial is to present the options.


To recap; the tutorial is hosted in a private Facebook group, in which I post material weekly, am available at specific times for discussion and Q&A,  and all the material is 100% available at all times to everyone no matter the time zone. Members have lifetime access (there will be a lot  of classnotes to go through and discussions may be intense! as on the nutrition tutorials) there is NO assigned homework, but you do receive a Certificate of Completion if you attend the tutorial, as well as discounts on my full courses and consultations.
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This offering brings together my two decades of work with and research into  multiple types of canine cancer and  the validity of natural therapeutics, geared to the individual dog. I hope you will find it a deeply valuable learning experience. I have lost two of my own to cancer and worked with close to a thousand clinical cases in dogs. With one in four dogs under the age of ten and one in TWO over that age developing cancer, we need to have all the tools we can available to us, to prevent, fight, and support.

I look forward to bringing my experiences and insights to you, hearing your stories, and adding, powerfully,  to your toolkit.