Hello, all! The three tutorials have all been super successful, lively and engaging, but now that two of them are finished, and the ongoing one is closed, people are emailing daily, trying to join the closed classrooms – I’ve decided to run all three again over the summer, and get the word out early, with special rates for registering before June 1, and a great deal if you take more than one of them.

The three tutorials are…..

Dietary Formulation (now 8 weeks instead of six)   – https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/canine-dietary-formulation-facebook-tutorial-group

Canine Cancer – Natural Support   –  https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/natural-support-canine-cancer-online-tutorial

Introduction to Animal Herbalism – https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/online-tutorial-herbal-medicine-dogs-cats

Now – here are the deals.
Take any TWO courses and instead of 90.00$  (Earlybird) you pay just $75.00.

Take all three, again pre-June 1 and instead of 135.00, pay just $100.00 (!).


You can use this link for two: https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/two-tutorials-earlybird-price

and this link for all three: https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/three-tutorials-earlybird-special

If two or three seem like a lot of classtime for the summer, remember you DON’T have to be in class at the times given, you can  just access the materials and drop by as it suits you – and, you have lifetime access to the group, so you can discuss/ read at your leisure once the formal part is over.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line…. catlane@www.thepossiblecanine.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


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