Hello, everyone – today I’d like to extend a special offer, a little earlier this year than most! I offer major discounts on my nutrition courses a couple of times a year, and since I just offered these special prices to my tutorial students, I thought I’d widen the offer to all.

For the next two weeks; I will take 50% off either course, and add in the audit of the second if you wish to take just the one. If you want to take both courses, a good idea for those starting out, I’ll take 50% off both. So, in a nutshell, here’s what I’m offering.

1) Take the foundation course, The Basics of Canine Nutrition, at 50% off, and audit the Canine Dietary Formulation at no extra cost. Total fee: $300.00

2) Take the Dietary Formulation course, at 50% off, and audit the 16 Unit Basics course at no extra cost. Total fee: $200.00

Some random questions I get include…

1) What exactly is an audit? Answer: An audit is simply access to the classnotes and exercises/assignments, without doing the course work and certificate. It can be beneficial for those who need a refresher, or who have been looking into canine nutrition but from a theory-driven perspective(such as prey model feeding). The student with some knowledge may benefit from the nutrient section, for example, but not need to invest in the whole program. Many students who take the Formulation course also audit the basics, as a resource only.

2) Are these courses certified or accredited? Answer: As there is no such thing as accreditation for canine nutrition other than board certification as a veterinary nutritionist (DVM) – no, I make no such claim at all. You receive a certificate, but I don’t pretend to “certify”. What you do get, is a totally unique course of study. Insofar as I know, there are no other online courses taught by a seasoned professional, that show you how to formulate recipes using the NRC (National Research Council) Dietary Guidelines.

3) If I don’t have time to devote to both, can I do one and then the other? Answer: Absolutely, you will have lifetime access to these courses to work at on your own time.Once we move to the new platform and add instructional videos, you will have access to those as well.

4) How much time do I get with you one-on-one? Answer: For those doing the full course, I add a fair bit of commentary to your assignments and make myself available if you need extra help. I am also online for both classrooms, and happy to help as you need. I do offer mentoring for graduates who wish to go into therapeutic work, too. I am wholly committed to supporting your work!

5) Will these courses qualify me to do the work you do? Answer: That’s a toughie, because (as mentioned above) there rally are no set “qualifications” at this time for the work I do. Way back when I started, in the 90s, this work was unheard of -I carved out my niche with multiple courses and my diploma, with mentoring from pioneer holistic vets, and with all the knowledge I have accrued from my herbal training. Today, some folks doing the work I do have degrees in Animal Science, some have gone to schools that claim to “certify” them, others just follow the most popular magazines and forums and are self taught. I can only say that if you graduate the Formulation course with a strong skillset, in other words you can skillfully formulate balanced recipes for healthy adult dogs without struggle, you will be ahead of the game in general. I see many people with a shingle out who don’t understand how to do this at all. The next step is learning how to work with health issues, and that takes time and much practise. I plan to offer courses on formulating for health issues in the years to come. So this lengthy reply may be vague, but the takeaway message is – I can tell you, honestly and fairly, if I feel you are ready once you graduate. I have a set of questions I use to help me determine your readiness. And if you want to do the work professionally, the more you know the better. Let me know if I can help.

6) Is there a payment plan for the sale prices? Answer: Normally, no. If you are in special circumstances and really want to avail yourself of this offer, fill me in. I’ve needed help in past and am not insensitive to it in others! But the general rule with a 50% discount is, the amount is payable in full. 🙂

For more information on the courses, check under Courses (for some reason, wordpress won’t let me post links tonight, but all the info is up there!)

These courses are designed to ensure you develop a thorough grounding in all aspects of the topic, and will assist you in working with your own dogs, or in many professional capacities. If they’re right for you, now is a great time to invest. Please don’t hesitate to use the Contact form on the Main Page and send any questions you may have. It will be my pleasure to help.