Ok, so I did say at the time of my recent sale, it would be the last for a while…and that was the intention, except for one small thing – I was still typing while lying down, so I didn’t exactly have the energy to promote it. The upshot of that is, many people missed it (and I have the emails and PMs to prove it). I started giving the ones who missed out, a special Custom Order to purchase, BUT, that brought a world of hurt on my head as I am not tech-savvy (understatement, it’s like a mental block) and some students took me hours just to get added. So, I decided to offer one more long weekend of the Sale – 50% OFF BOTH COURSES –  and make sure everyone sees it. (Sorry to those who are about to see it 100 times in 72 hours, it can’t be helped). And I’m doing it this weekend, instead of next, for  one reason – the week following a sale is always bedlam for me, getting people added, welcomed, marking all the Unit Ones that come flying in! and this year, the week after “real” Black Friday, I have three major medical appts that involve travel, recovery time – I plan to take it easy that week. (I’ll post an update on my own healing journey soon). So – keeping it brief – the two nutrition courses are again on sale for 50% off – just till midnight Monday.

A reminder – all courses are done at your own pace, so you can purchase both and do them consecutively – take as long as you like – both provide a Facebook discussion group, and you have access to me as needed. I’ll write a bit tomorrow about what sets these courses apart..oh yes, and the free herbal tutorial you get when you purchase.
For now – here are the course descriptions:

Canine Diet Formulation- Full Certificate Course

Basics of Canine Nutrition- Full Certificate Course

I’m happy to answer all questions too, here or in email. More tomorrow!