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The Possible Canine has been devoted to helping dog owners across the world manage a wide range of health conditions,with therapeutic diets and herbal protocols for every dog and condition.

Canine Nutritionist and Chartered Herbalist Catherine Lane offers comprehensive, individualized online consultations, as well as highly acclaimed online courses in both canine nutrition and herbalism for companion animals.

Cat Lane, Dip. CFN,  Chartered Herbalist

Since 2002 I have worked with close to five thousand cases, averaging around 300  full service cases per year., an intensive diet and herbal consultation that involves the development of several recipes and herbal protocols with online support during transition, and follow up to ensure the protocols are successful.  In addition I do online and in-person herbal consults  of a more straightforward nature, which do not involve as much time as the intensive option, on average another 3-400 per year. This includes proactive diets for healthy adult dogs; growth and senior diets; specialized dietary care for  conditions including but not limited to cancer, allergy, IBD, liver disease, kidney disease, uroliths (oxalate, urate and struvite stones) osteo-arthritis, various forms of heart disease, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, diabetes, pancreatitis and obesity, as well as specialized diets for performance dogs. 

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Canine Nutrition

Courses covering the foundation of nutritional understanding. Basics of canine nutrition, recipe formulation, and evaluation of feeding types (raw, commercial, home cooked)

Courses are ongoing and can be started at any time.


In depth courses covering recipes, practical exercises, and detailed information covering common ailments that provide solid grounding in animal herbalism.

Courses are ongoing and can be started at anytime.

Facebook Online Tutorials

Online tutorials that run occasionally throughout the year. Courses cover canine dietary formulation, animal herbalism, and canine cancer. 

Courses have various start times throughout the year.

Home Cooking for Dogs- an Online Tutorial

In this 10 lesson tutorial, we will go through how and why to cook for dogs, how to build nutritionally complete recipes for your dogs and what a dog’s nutritional requirements are, how to prepare your dogs’ food and how you can optimise their food to enhance the health of the dogs in your life.


It is both an approachable course, but with a scientific basis ensuring you have the peace of mind that your dog is getting everything they need but also that they enjoy eating! 


Cooked food is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons including the ability to produce food that is personalised to your dog, it’s highly palatable for picky eaters and can be a  better solution for many dogs.


Find out more about the course (and the thrown in added bonuses) and secure your spot using the button below


Spring session starts on the 25th March



The Possible Canine’s blog is unique in its depth of information regarding both nutrition and herbal medicine. The blog features foundational and advanced canine nutrition, recipes, herbs, and dietary strategies for all health conditions, prevention and maintenance in-depth herbal entries, including materia medica for dogs, herbal actions and energetics, home medicine making and more

Top Twelve Herbs for Dogs – Updated

Top Twelve Herbs for Dogs – Updated

As I sit down to write this, it is the day we set our clocks forward "for spring" and I am gazing out my ground floor window at snow that comes higher than my ledge, and more coming down. It is hardly springtime in my part of the world - yet! but I am thinking ahead...

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Astragalus  (Astragalus membranaceus) Family: Fabaceae (legume family) Part used: root The roots are harvested from three- or four-year-old plants for maximum potency and sliced thinly. Once dry, they look like cream-colored tongue depressors. Also available in...

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Update on the Tutorial

Just a very quick note today, to everyone registered in the Super Tutorial - we WILL be letting you all in to the classroom tomorrow, but we will also need to delay the start up by *about* two weeks.Many factors at play here - including a gigantic pile of client work,...

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Herbal Support for Smoke Exposure

Herbal Support for Smoke Exposure

With all the fires raging across California, and smoke thick over the whole area but also moving Eastward across the continent, the herbal world is filled with ideas to support humans exposed to the bad air...but what about our animals? I'd like to address every...

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