A brief update this morning, as I am fielding many of the same questions daily, I thought I’d put some information here that may help.

The course is going ahead as of Saturday; it is a tutorial more than a course, there is no assigned work (although plenty of exercises designed to help you grow as an herbalist) and there is no certificate. If you are interested in more indepth study with animals, I offer one course so far and will be others. They cost much more, take more time and you do get a certificate at the end. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing this route.

Next – what I hear most of is, I would love to take advantage of this offer, but I can’t be online at those specific times. Well, that’s ok, you don’t have to be! Much like a webinar course you take, that allows the option of listening live or tuning in to a recording later on, the Herbal Tutorial is offered in a format (Facebook group) that means all the files and my discussion periods with students are always right there to read at any time. With the Nutrition Tutorial, only about two dozen students make it to the live chats. Many others add questions throughout the week, and it’s my job to locate and answer them when I get into the class. So there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED (emphasis!) to be available at the times I listed in the first post, you can still take full advantage of this offer.

Which brings me to the third question I am hearing; when will I be doing this again? Honestly, I’m not sure I WILL be. If it works well for me as a means of reaching students, I’ll do another in the spring. But in order to offer such incredibly low prices, I need a good turnout. This session is at 60% of my goal right now, so spread the word! If the tutorials are successful for me I will keep them coming – I’ve already been asked to do a special series on health conditions, which I may start off with cancer and renal disease. But right now I can’t make promises. There will almost certainly be another Nutrition for Dogs, and one for cats in the spring – but not at 25.00$. I just need to be clear with readers about that.

The good news is, despite missing two days with severe storms affecting my Internet connection, I have a new and improved system and we are still good to go for this Saturday, October 21st.

So, please do share with any groups or friends you think might be interested. I’ll be condensing a lot of material into chats and notes, that will speak to the beginner and more advanced herbalist alike. Hope to see you there – my absolute favorite topic.

Welcome to the new site! If you experience any glitches or have any technical questions, please email savannahwelna@gmail.com. Thank you Dismiss