A bit of a follow up today, adding  some information regarding the upcoming Tutorial I am offering on Facebook.

It pleases me to no end to see just how many people are interested in going way beyond the “inspirational” stage  and learning how to work with the requirements, to truly optimize their dog’s home prepared diets . The idea here is to move beyond vague ideas about “fresh foods” and into a deeper understanding of how nutrition works – the essentials your dog needs, the amounts he or she requires for health, and how it may be more complicated to meet these requirements, than simply using a variety of foods, a few simplistic guidelines and hoping for the best.
Many readers know I have offered a comprehensive online course for several years now, that guides the student through the  NRC (National Research Council, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs) method of formulating balanced recipes. This course has been popular with dog lovers who simply want to understand nutrition beyond the pop-culture level, as well as those who want to work with dogs professionally, formulating recipes to NRC Guidelines.  The Tutorial I am offering utilizes the same information as the full course, but in a relaxed, non-academic setting (a Facebook group).

No assignments, just discussions, Q and A and an overview of the method. It’s true that some people can figure out how to work with the NRC all on their own, while others prefer the full study program with all that entails – the Tutorial can work for those “in the middle” as a boost to current knowledge, a way of interacting with a mentor but not going through all the commitment of a full course. It can also act as an introduction to the concept of nutrient essentiality and how to achieve  balance, or it can be an adjunct to those studying formally. Since there has been a goodly amount of interest at the group, I’m going ahead with the course, and for those still mulling it over, here is how the whole thing works.


  • The Tutorial takes place in a Facebook group. Once you have joined you will find articles and the NRC values in the Files section, and any relevant material/links I feel adds to the learning process. Then, for the next six weeks, I will be  logged into the classroom to answer questions, work with various exercises and give examples. There will be a nutrient focus every week, and one of the four sessions when I am in the classroom will be devoted to that topic. I will then answer questions in order, and at least one of the four sessions will include a sample of how to work with the foods and reach nutrient goals.
  • Although I am going to be in the group four times a week, it is not a live webinar where you need to be actually online at those times. You could, for example, post a question Monday morning, whatever you are seeking help with. When I come into the group on Tuesday for the session, I answer the question for you – if you are there to chat as we go, great! If not, my answer will be recorded on the group (as with any thing on Facebook) and you can read it, ask for more detail, ask another one – at your leisure.
    So – no set times! You can avail yourself of all the information and teaching without ever once being logged in during the sessions.
  • While I will be able to take a recipe and pick it apart, discuss what can be adjusted to optimize it, at least a couple of times during the sessions, I can’t do consultations for those who really need that level of help. Especially if your dog has a nutritionally-responsive condition, you need help formulating the diet. This tutorial is not a substitute for that kind of support.
  • There is no certificate issued, this is strictly educational. I have on way to assess what anyone learned or if they were even in attendance, so no certificate. Just a whole lot of learning.
  • A number of people have written to ask if the tutorial covered only cooked diets, or would we talk about raw? Yes, the NRC method can be applied to raw or cooked. I formulate both in my clinical work and always use the NRC. What we can’t do, is analyze a lot of unusual foods used in the prey model approach to feeding. But you can still learn the method and carry that into your daily life and feeding practices.

    The schedule/times I will be active in the group are as follows:

– Sunday, 12:30 – 2:00 pm

– Tuesday, 10:00 am – 11:30

– Wednesday, 7:00 pm – 8:30

– Thursday, 2:00 pm – 3:30

Hopefully with this variation on the schedule, it will mean that those who have time constraints will be able to be active at least once, although again it is not strictly speaking, necessary.

Registration can be done right on this site here:  https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/canine-dietary-formulation-facebook-tutorial-group
I look forward to this exciting learning experience, and helping you all build the very best diet for your canine family.