Hello all – many of you know I have been offwork since the beginning of April, with some very challenging health issues (which are resolving, but taking time away from the 100 hour weeks was a big part of that) and had to slow down client work (restricted to the difficult cases that ave become my specialty over the years) and the tutorials had to go on hold midway through as well – I was and am blown away by the level of support, understanding and concern from students and Facebook Friends. As I begin to work more normal hours again, I thought I’d express my gratitude for your patience by offering a sale – on Proactive recipes, which will last until August 1, and also on Herbal Consultations for Dogs and Cats, for one more week.

Here’s what the Proactive recipe entails:

Basic Recipes for a Healthy Dog

This consultation is for a dog with no health issues.

You receive:

One large-batch recipe, personally tailored to your dog’s age, weight, activity level and breed if relevant. The diet will use readily accessible ingredients and of course, foods your dog loves to eat.

The plan includes very specific supplementation instructions (links to the brands and doses) as well as my General Dietary Guidelines and new Supplementation Guidelines fact sheets. Everything you need to get you started on the healthiest diet for your dog, with instructions for precise measurement of the foods, cooking, storage and transitioning.

Follow up is not included in this service, but a phone consultation is offered at 10% off (if purchased at the same) for any additional support is required.

If you want more than one recipe, I offer additional recipes (large or small batch) for $50.00 each,ON SALE FOR JUST $15.00 –  if purchased at the same time.

Please note this Diet Plan is for a healthy dog, and does not include any tailoring of the diet to support health issues or problems.  That requires a Health Consultation.

Here is the Link, and happy to answer any questions too, as always. 🙂 Proactive Recipe

I’ll post about the Herbal consultation Sale tomorrow, too. Just 7 days left for that one!