Happy Autumn, all! Today I am offering a very special service, one I hope will be of great use to many.

A bit of background.. most readers here know I offer three online courses; one is a comprehensive overview of canine nutrition “from the ground up”…another is a practical herbalism program for those who wish to learn how to use herbs with dogs..and then, the ever-popular Dietary Formulation course.  This latter program is popular because it empowers dog lovers to create truly balanced diets, using raw or cooked foods, going way beyond the idea (incorrect) that using variety is an assurance of adequacy. In the full course, I walk you step by step through the technical aspects of your dog’s nutrient requirements, starting with energy (calories) then breaking down the macronutrients and looking at the range of levels we can work with (fat, protein, carbs) and then on to vitamins and minerals.. working with the NRC (National Research Council) values as we go. So many students starting the course are pretty certain their home made recipes are balanced, and end up shocked to see how much they are off – and grateful for that knowledge. We talk about why it’s important to stay in a range with nutrients, making sure there is enough of each one but also not too much, as nutrients interact! and too much of one can negatively affect the level of another…many nutrients can be just as problematic at too-high levels as  too- low. I’m proud of this course; it is useful for those who want a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of canine nutrition for their own dog, and it’s a wealth of essential skills and knowledge for anyone hoping to work clinically with canine nutrition. The full write up is  here:https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/product/canine-nutrition-diet-formulation-course_m

And we will be expanding the course over the winter, moving to a new platform, adding videos, and more.

So how does this relate to the announcement?

Running a lively Facebook Group and hearing from followers of my Page, I recognize that full course is a time, money and energy commitment that not everyone can make, at any given time. But many who feel they’re not ready for that step, still post on the group, or ask at the Page, or simply PM me with questions about their dog’s diet – just a few days ago we had a thread about fatty acids that illustrated how common it is for home feeders to become confused  by opinions given out as facts, by hyperbole and by the sheer volume of information on canine nutrition that confronts anyone hoping to research a topic like this. On a daily basis I field questions about fats and fatty acids, food choices, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, supplementation and more. And I would love to be able to focus more on providing answers and zeroing in on people’s concerns. To that end, I’m offering a unique service – one that offers owners the opportunity to pick my brains, to work with a like-minded group of keeners, and figure out how to calculate requirements,  build new recipes and adjust older ones….all for just $25.00.

Too good to be true? Here is how this works.

First, you need to apply to this group, if you’re not a Facebook person, time to join! 🙂


There you will find Files – articles, the NRC values and more – and general information about the nuts and bolts of  putting balanced recipes together..   next, a Tutorial beginning October 1, that  will walk you through the method. I will be online in the group for four -ninety minute sessions throughout the week, to answer your specific questions, help with the stumbling blocks people tend to encounter when starting out, and generally help get you on the right track. You will have full access for 6 weeks,  at which time you are welcome to stay on or leave the group as suits you.  You will come away greatly enriched -empowered – with a depth of understanding about everyday nutrition that I hope will amaze you, and serve you well with your own dogs in the years to come.

All for $25.00.

Interested in finding out more? You can join the group and see, if it’s not for you, you’re under no obligation to stay.  Session starts October 1…full details on the group.

I look forward to having you with us.