Following a successful fall home cooking tutorial  – I am running another 
session this Spring. It is a course that has been requested many times, and for which I see a real need. Homecooking for dogs is increasing in popularity, as many dog lovers want to move away from kibble, but don’t wish to make the leap to raw – and with more people feeding cooked foods,  more information is needed. Home cooked meals need to be put together somewhat differently from raw – require more careful measurement and supplementation – but can be an intensely healthy and enjoyable way for your dog to eat. 

On 25th March we will start this information -packed and exciting session.

Here is the 10-week Outline.

1) Introduction to cooking for dogs; pros and cons, possible pitfalls and benefits; when is it necessary/preferable to raw; introduction to nutritional science/using the NRC – common myths about home cooked diet

2) Canine dietary requirements –  how much of – everything! does your dog actually need? why a cooked diet must meet NRC standards, and how putting it together differs from raw

3) Food and ingredients – nutrient and anti-nutrient content of foods, an introduction to using meat, fish, poultry, dairy, fats, grains, fruit and vegetables, how to choose  the very best from all food groups

4) Preparation and storage – both of these count greatly, and will affect the healthfulness of a cooked diet – we’ll cover cooking methods, problems with high heat and browning, how to minimize nutrient loss and some tips on making the whole thing easier

5) Supplements – the Essentials, from A to zinc – what you need to add depends on what foods your dog can tolerate – and how much!  we’ll cover preferred  forms and how to use them, and which ingredients/additives are to be avoided and which are not an issue for your dog

6) Sample Recipe One – we will build a balanced One Day recipe

7) Sample Recipe Two – we will build a balanced Three Day recipe

8) Sample Recipe Three – we will build a balanced 7-Day recipe

9) Supplements Part Two – non-essentials (digestive support/probiotics, joint and liver support, popular herbs and fatty acids)

10) Wrap Up and Review

This mini- course will cost 100$ for the ten weeks – and includes the following bonuses:

1) access to one of the current tutorials of your choice (reading only as class time will be finished, but there is a lot of material in all three)

2) 15% off a proactive consultation with me for a cooked, personalized recipe

3) 50% off my eBooklet on using the NRC values for home cooked or (non-PMR) style raw diets

4) 25% off a Q&A email session at any time during the tutorial

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