Today I’m pleased to announce that the Herbal Course is starting in about two weeks – Monday September the 16th, to be exact.

As with the other tutorials, the herbal course will be done entirely online – in a designated Facebook group, which you join and then participate to the extent you wish to do so. Educational material will be posted every week, and you can simply read (and do the exercises, although this isn’t a full certificate course in which you would hand in assignments, like the Practical Herbalism or the Nutrition courses) or you can actively participate. We will have Q&A sessions weekly, general discussions and focused input from me throughout each week. You do not need to be online at specific times to avail yourself of the material and knowledge shared in this Tutorial. It’s great if you can make at least some of the sessions, but everything is archived if you can’t get online, so you can always access the discussions, articles and more.

To start, the Tutorial will run for twelve weeks with chats at designated times (you will you have ongoing access to the group after the 12 weeks). These are not live videos, not live chats, they are simply designated meeting times when I will be active in the group to discuss the material, your questions and cases and the material. The dates are Monday September 16th to Monday December 9th, and the topic is Introduction to Herbalism for Dogs and Cats. Each week has a focus, and these will be as follows.

  • Week One
    • Introduction to Western Herbalism – Why herbs??
    • How does Western herbalism differ from Eastern?
    • Allopathic use of herbs versus holistic
  • Week Two
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Actions, Energetics and Constituents – the foundation of herbalism is understanding these three elements
  • Weeks Three and Four
    • Making Medicines – Infusions/Decoctions Oils, Salves, Powders, Honeys, Electuaries and Vinegars
  • Weeks Five and Six
    • Conditions by System – The Skin, Digestive, Respiratory and Urinary Pathways of elimination
    • Common Conditions – UTI, atopy, hot spots, yeast, gastritis, IBD, kennel cough, chronic respiratory cats, stones and crystals
  • Week Seven
    • Conditions by System – Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Muscular/skeletal
    • Conditions – Osteoarthritis, DCM (feline and canine)
  • Week Eight
    • Conditions by System – Immune, Reproductive, Endocrine, Nervous
    • Allergy, thyroid (canine and feline) Cushings/Addisons, Auto Immune disease
  • Week Nine
    • Special Unit on Cancer
    • Medicinal Mushrooms
    • Role of Diet
    • Choosing herbs for the individual
    • Herbs and chemo
    • Prevention
  • Week Ten
    • Herbs in everyday life
    • prevention of common illnesses
    • Maintaining good health
    • Parasites, Immune system, Fleas, Inflammation, Digestion/liver
  • Weeks Eleven and Twelve
    • Putting it All Together: Case studies and Review

In addition, we will be looking at a range of easy-to-access, safe and effective core herbs as our basic Materia Medica, with a few spotlights every week that are most pertinent to the topic.

I’m going to just mention again right here, you DO NOT have to be online at specific times. I will be online in live chat twice throughout the week, and you would do well to make one of them, but otherwise, it is not necessary.

Here are the times (Eastern time) I will be active in the classroom:

  • Monday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Friday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

..and here is where you book space:

The price is 50.00 for all twelve weeks.

I look forward to this so much – thank you all for your passionate interest in natural health for our beloved companions.