Astragalus  (Astragalus membranaceus) Family: Fabaceae (legume family) Part used: root The roots are harvested from three- or four-year-old plants for maximum potency and sliced thinly. Once dry, they look like cream-colored tongue depressors. Also available in... Read more

Update on the Tutorial

Just a very quick note today, to everyone registered in the Super Tutorial – we WILL be letting you all in to the classroom tomorrow, but we will also need to delay the start up by *about* two weeks.Many factors at play here – including a gigantic pile of... Read more

The Spotlight Series…Vitamin D

Hello readers, and first let me say how amazed and delighted I am by the number of people registered already, for the Home Cooking Tutorial! I knew there was a need, but still – I’ve had a very enthusiastic response, just a few days in. I’ve known... Read more

Tutorial – Home Cooking for Dogs

Following a successful fall home cooking tutorial  – I am running another  session this Spring. It is a course that has been requested many times, and for which I see a real need. Homecooking for dogs is increasing in popularity, as many dog lovers want to move away... Read more

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