Today, I just wanted  to share a few comments from participants in the fall session. I’m so proud that the Tutorial has met with this kind of response.  🙂

“Cat Lane’s Home Prepared Canine Diet – An Online Tutorial provides a foundational understanding of what a balanced diet means. Quite often DIY feeders think that a variety of protein means balanced. By guiding you through the the NRC Guidelines, which list the minimum/maximum nutrient requirements of dogs, Cat Lane helps the dog’s guardian understand that balance and nutrition are so much more than a variety of protein. This tutorial opened my eyes and helped me understand that a balanced diet is one that is well-thought out and planned. While it does not replace a professional Nutritional Consultation, this tutorial should definitely be a tool in the DIY feeders arsenal.”
LC Perroni, Toronto

“I have actually recommended this tutorial to several people and mentioned it in a raw feeding group I am a part of. I found the information you shared invaluable. I had no idea what I was feeding was so unbalanced. How can my diet be low in calcium if I’m feeding 10% bone? How can my diet be high in vitamin A when I’m feeding 5% liver? I thought following the 80/10/5/5 rule of thumb was good enough. It isn’t! We can do so much better for our dogs by learning to balance their diets instead of hoping what we are feeding is good enough. Balanced is better. Thank you Cat!”
Caroline Capobianco, Florida

“While I did not have the time to devote to formulating a recipe for my dog, the information gained from the readings, discussion and guidance from this tutorial was so valuable to me in terms of how I think about canine nutrition. Thinking about food as nutrients and learning more about how to provide optimized balanced nutrition (not through guess work!) has been so eye-opening to me. Really, it has been a true a “life raft” of sorts in the overwhelming deluge of (so often over hyped and questionable) nutrition information out there. I have never felt confident in my knowledge to home prepare my dog’s diets without relying on premixes, but now I feel that I have a proper foundation to do so. Furthermore, even though I have not yet formulated (from scratch) my dog’s diet, I did take home some critical information about balancing fatty acids that I have already seen make a difference to her. Thank you so much! I only wish there was a tutorial like this one for feline diets   Massachusetts

Thoroughly impressed with the nutrition tutorial presented by Cat Lane. While nothing can compare to hiring Cat to formulate a diet, this tutorial will give you an excellent starting point for understanding your pet’s dietary requirements. The information presented was easy to follow and comprehend. I cannot recommend this group enough as the information presented is mind opening. I was certain I was feeding my dogs all they needed but I was sorely mistaken.”
Kellie Barton-Palmerio,  South Carolina

“The home prepared canine diets tutorial was an enormous help to me and my dogs!! Precious information on how to feed your dog an optimal diet with balanced nutrients! Perfect for those without the time for a full course, go at your own pace, ask questions and avail of other students point of views and suggestions. There’s no one better to learn from then Cat Lane!! Many thanks for providing this help to me! I have been building my knowledge ever since. My dogs thank you too
Annette Howse, Newfoundland

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read that the Tutorial has had this effect on people. Thank you too, for the kind words of appreciation, and please know how delighted I am to have made a difference in the way you approach feeding your dogs. 🙂


With so much enthusiasm today for natural diet, whole foods and holistic health for dogs, it amazes me that people can be resistant to learning how to calculate the actual nutrient requirements in home made meals. And no matter how fresh, beautifully prepared and presented your meals are, if they don’t balance over time, as many don’t! you are not providing truly optimal nutrition. Why not take the next step and learn what your dog actually needs? and of course, how to provide it. Simply adding foods because they are high in a given nutrient, doesn’t guarantee at all that it’s the right food choice. Adding liver for Vitamin D, as an example, is  a big mistake, because liver is so high in copper you will be well over your RA for that important mineral, long before you reach your D3 goal. And nutrients interact – feeding too much of one can negatively impact on the bioavailability of another – hence the term “balance”.  If this is sounding complicated, trust me, it gets much easier with someone to guide you through it. I love sharing this knowledge, and hope you will join us in what may well be the last of these Tutorials at such a low price.

My program is intensive, but you don’t have to be online at specific times, and nor does it close up after the 6 weeks – we keep the classroom open for members to discuss and share recipes long after the formal teaching sessions are done.
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