Canine Nutrition Courses – updated information

June 4, 2017 at 4:03 pm

This morning I want to  share a reminder,  that both the Basics of Canine Nutrition course – one the longest-running courses of its kind on the net – and the Canine Dietary Formulation course are open to new students, and available to start at the student’s convenience.

For those not familiar with what the programs have to offer, a little info. I set up The Basics of Canine Nutrition in 2005, after several members of my (then very active) yahoogroup ThePossibleCanine asked for some formal guidance, and I could see there was a need to help out. I wanted to pass on knowledge that went well beyond how to balance a raw diet, or choose a decent kibble. Of course, both those topics are important; for many, that is all they need for their journey – for others, including those who wish to work in this field,  more detail -a more comprehensive approach- is needed. Hence I developed a course I’m very proud of, one that breaks the often overwhelming topic of canine nutrition into manageable parts, and  builds knowledge methodically, building the student’s understanding and confidence in the material as  they progress. Very briefly, this course covers canine digestion, nutrient requirements, macro and micronutrient food sources, pros and cons of various feeding methods, and then discusses feeding for performance dogs, pregnancy/lactation, senior dogs and more. Students learn the truth about supplementation – the good/necessary and the not- so- needed or downright mediocre – the role of plant compounds (non-nutritive) in the canine diet, and managing obesity. As so many in this work today have studied *only* raw diet, and how to work with a prey model diet to ensure nutrient balance, this course distinguishes graduates with a much wider knowledge of the science of canine nutrition.

A full course outline is available on request: more information can be found here:

In the Dietary Formulation course, students take the next step, and learn to work with the NRC Guidelines (that’s the National Research Council’s 2006 publication, Nutrient requirements of Dogs and Cats) to develop home prepared recipes, raw or cooked, that cover all your dog’s nutrient requirements, from A to zinc. This is critically important, foundational training for anyone wishing to move into professional work formulating diets – and is not easily learned on one’s own, from a book (of which there are very few that describe the technique, anyway). Both these courses can be taken together; both are fully online and self paced and mentored by me.While the Foundation course does provide background information on nutrients, many students who have some experience opt to audit the basics course while taking the Formulation. The programs can be complementary, or you can do one or the other. For those interested in developing balanced recipes for their own dogs, or who wish to move into professional work, there is no course like this on the Internet, that I am aware of. More information on the Canine Dietary Formulation course here:

In answer to questions I receive every day: the courses are still open, they are done entirely online, you receive a Certificate of Completion(because there ARE NO accrediting bodies for non-veterinary canine nutrition, so no, you cannot actually be ‘certified’ in pet nutrition!)…and they are both interactive and FUN! For more information, use the Contact form on the main Page to send me your queries, or just to chat. This work has been my passion for over twenty years, and it’s my pleasure to help make it yours, as well.




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